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March 12-13, 2016
Lone Pecan Ranch
Driftwood, TX
March 17-20, 2016
Brenham, TX
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MN Nokota® Experience by Judy Onufer

Blue Dakota and Misty

What happens when a small group of dedicated, passionate horse folk gets together to celebrate and exhibit their storied horses?  A whole lot of Nokota® magic!

On December 6, 2015, the first Minnesota Nokota® Experience was held at Lakeview Farm in Hugo.  The event exceeded expectations in so many ways.  A great turnout of Nokota® horses was exhibited.  Good attendance supported strong fundraising.  Best of all, our primary goal of “friend-raising” certainly hit the mark.

Since acquiring my Nokota®, Crescent, in June of 2014, I have often been asked about his breed, his background, and special attributes.   These inquiries and this attention have prompted me to learn more and to think of ways to support the Nokota Horse Conservancy® as well as inform the horse community in our region of Minnesota.  Fundraising is always important to non-profit organizations like the Nokota Horse Conservancy®.  It is vital to survival of this incredible historic breed.  Fundamental to fundraising, however, is friend-raising.  Finding ways to bring in new supporters was the focus of this event.  Learning more about this breed through a personal interactive experience is a foundational step to garnering interest, support and ultimately solid fundraising. The concept of this event was to provide a fun and informative opportunity for people in our region to have that personal experience which will take curiosity to the next level…connection.  There are no better ambassadors to achieve this goal than six Nokota® horses, their proud owners and Frank Kuntz.  

The event had several purposeful components:   

Nokota® Young Horse Handling Clinic

March 17-2016
Clinician ~ Jack Lieser
Lieser Arena, Brenham TX
The Nokota® Young Horse-Handling Clinic is for those of you who want to have a better understanding of why horses respond the way they do. You will learn how to take an unhandled horse and get him to respond positively to the things you are asking. You don’t have to be a “colt-starter” to do this clinic. Each person and horse will be brought along at their own speed.  Auditors are also welcome.  For all the information on this clinic please visit Jack's website here.  This clinic will be coupled with the Nokota® Benefit Ride the weekend of the 12-13th of March.  Please read the article below this one to learn about the Benefit Ride.  For those who haven't quite made up their mind about attending one of Jack's clinics please listen to the testimonials, found two articles below this one on the front page of our website, from a few clinicians who attended the Nokota® Experience in Linon, ND in June of 2015.  

Nokota® Benefit Ride

Benefit Ride 

Due to unbelievable drought in our beautiful Texas Hill Country we are needing to reschedule the 4th annual Nokota Benefit Ride until Spring 2016. 

The 4th Annual Nokota® Benefit Ride postponed to March 12-13, 2016!

        For more information please visit              Jack Lieser's website here!


Nokota® Horse Experience 2015

Nokota Horse Experience 2015
When the horse picks you... Written by Jennifer McLaughlin Perez - a volunteer board member with the NHC.
One thing I have noticed over the years, which has become more prevalent, is how the Nokota® horses pick their person. I've seen this time and time again by attending the Nokota® young horse events (like the one happening next month in June.) From my own experience and by being part of other peoples process when they are on the journey of finding "THE" Nokota® for themselves, the old idea of picking your horse out doesn't happen the way we are used to having it happen when you are talking about a Nokota® horse.  

Nokota® Documentary

UC-Berkeley student, Lucie Schwartz, filmed this mini-documentary in March 2008. A wonderfully new perspective on the work the Kuntz' have been doing to protect the Nokota® horses for the past 30 years.