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THANK YOU For An Amazing 2014!

NHC Thank You 2015All of us at the Nokota Horse Conservancy® would like to take this moment to wish you the most prosperous New Year but especially to express our deepest thanks for your recent donations. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. With your faithful financial contributions, you have demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of saving the Native horse of the Northern Plains. Without your generous gifts the preservation efforts of the NHC wouldn't be what it is at this present moment. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again. May you and yours experience the blessings of prosperity, health and much happiness in the New Year.
Please enjoy this thank you video (created by Dena Sutton) as our way of expressing our gratitude for all you do for the Conservancy and especially for these magnificent Nokota® horses!!

3rd Annual Nokota® Benefit Ride ~ Raises $11,660.00!


The transformation of Lone Pecan Ranch is really quite something to witness as we prepare for this event every year. The ranch is much like a word in its name, “lone”, meaning it sits idle with not many guests during the year. And this year it meant replacing 40 year old plumbing, besides the usual mowing and tree limb management for the trailers coming in.  But our riding buddies show up in the weeks beforehand to help out with the preparation. Always managing to find the time to ride!   Finally, donated decorations go up, pumpkins and fall color gets placed in the courtyard, solar lights get entwined around trees and the ranch is ready to receive its guests. The final look at the weather seemed promising and it’s a go!  

2015 Stud Legacy Calendar!!

2015 NHC Calendarwb2015 NOKOTA® CALENDAR IS BEING PRINTED!! You can place an order now and when they arrive we will ship your order immediately!! What an excellent way to give an affordable gift not only to others but for yourself as well. This year the Nokota Horse Conservancy® has created a Stud Legacy calendar depicting some of the most crucial stallions who were contributors to the foundation bloodlines of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® herd. There are 250 calendars in stock so please order more than one!!  Nokota Horse Conservany® Gift Store!

Nokota Horse Conservancy® Faces Dispersal

This article was on the front page of the Bismarck Tribune, Sunday, November 30, 2014.  Frank Kuntz of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® is asking everyone to please share this article and do all they can to help get the word out there.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  
The writer, Lauren Donovan, visited Linton to interview Frank Kuntz and Shelly Hauge.
Photo Credit to Lauren Donovan.

Equine Affaire - MA

DSC 0010

What a ride!!!  This particular event has historically been the NHC's best ... hands down, over the years, and I'm pleased to announce that this one was no different.  And while the long haul there and back is a tough one, the supporters and fans that gather around the booth and horses totally ROCK!!  We had three amazing equine representatives sharing responsibilities at the booth as well as the demo, presentation ring and the random requests from people needing calm, steady horses for their demonstrations.  Dottie Bisson was there with her 9 yr old blue roan mare Prairie, as was Katie Davis, representing Cazabu Farms (Leigh Garber) with Target (a 2 yr old blue roan) and River (an 8 yr old red roan).  All exhibited great patience and composure with the masses, allowing pats, rubs, scratches and photo ops to anyone asking ... which made them (by far) the most popular breed in the building.                                                  

Paul & Dottie with Prairie                                                                                                                                                                  

Promoting the Nokota® Breed


Nokota® - an unusual word, especially when setting it aside as a breed of horse.  Nokota® horses, though not well known about, have been around for centuries, settled in the upper Midwest near Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Medora, N.D.  They are know as “wild” breed of horse; however, over of the last couple of decades, people have began to see how these wild horses can make the best companions.                                                                                                             Characteristics of the breed include a large diversity.  Their height ranges from less than 14 hands to larger than 17 hands.  They have distinguishable traits that often compare them to the Spanish Mustangs from which they originated from; these traits include an angular body frame and prominent withers.  The primary color of pure-blood Nokotas® is roan, but blue roan is specifically very dominant.  “We believe the main color of roan is because of the Native American civilization and their thoughts of it representing the color of the thunderstorm,” says Rory Schneider an advocate for the Nokotas®.      

Read the entire article here!!

Nokota® Documentary

UC-Berkeley student, Lucie Schwartz, filmed this mini-documentary in March 2008. A wonderfully new perspective on the work the Kuntz' have been doing to protect the Nokota® horses for the past 30 years.